1)  This Event is planned as a series of fun events to bring as many people out on the river as possible and raise a little money for the club and other charities. The day includes an adult team race, a freestyle competition and an individual junior race, with cups and prizes awarded to the winners;

2)  The River Barle is a relatively safe stretch of water, however accidents can and do happen and you need to take every effort to paddle safely, look after yourself and your team and offer help others where needed, some safety bank support will be provided but only if the level requires it;

3)  Other people use the river and the surrounding land and we need to take their needs and rights into consideration when undertaking this race, so please be considerate.



1)  Registration to be made on the race-day, forms are available to download in advance, please print off a form, complete it and bring it along with the entrance fee  to Registration.

2)  Fees, the Adult Team race fee is £7 per person, the Freestyle (King of the Wave) competition is £3 and the Junior Race is £5, there is also a £1 fee for non-ECC members to cover insurance.

3)  Race Classes: Three classes for the Adult Team Race (kayak, canoe and SUP), a single Junior Race and two classes for the King of the Wave (Kayak and Canoe). Cups and prizes for each class.

4)  Timings: Registration at 0945 (Anchor Inn Car Park), Adult’s race at 1130 (Marsh Bridge) race time 45-75 minutes, King of the Wave at 1300 (Exebridge Pump Station), competition time 50 minutes, Junior race at 1415 (Pump Station), race time 15-20 minutes, presentation (Anchor Inn) 1500.

5)  Adult Race – Teams of 3 will be timed from a Le Mans start by Marsh Bridge to a finish line at the Exebridge Pumping Station, leaving every 60 seconds, teams will wear a numbered identity panels, decision on whether to portage the Salmon Steps to be decided on race day.

6)  Freestyle Competition – Individuals will be scored for freestyle moves (surf, spin, airs etc), plus bonus points for style during a run of 45 seconds, the total of the best three runs will be scored, there will be a class of Kayak and Canoe this year.

7)  Junior Race – Juniors will race from the Exebridge Pump Station to the Anchor Inn car park. Safety kayakers on the water, ratio of 1:2, plus bank-side safety at each hazard. Mass start, heats dependant on numbers, first one to end and up the ramp to the car park is the winner;

8)  Presentation to be awarded in the Anchor Inn, once everyone is changed and packed up. We have cups for the Adult Kayak Race, Adult Canoe Race, Junior Race and King of the Wave and some very generous prizes from AS Watersports and hopefully Taunton Leisure and Scuba Scene too.



1)  Membership: ECC membership is required for event insurance. Current or past members must update their membership, visitors can buy day-membership for £1;

2)  Age restriction: Adult racers should be 18, competent junior paddlers aged 16 -18 are permitted to enter the adult race if they have proven their ability, have written permission and are placed in a team with a suitably qualified coach (4* standard), Junior racers must have moving water experience (club river trip) and a proven capsize/wet-exit/roll;

3)  Skills required: All paddlers must have (kayaking) experience of the section of river to be paddled (or similar) and be confident to carry out a ‘wet exit’, ‘Eskimo rescue’ or roll in moving water;

4)  Adult teams: Each team must contain at least one member of whitewater leadership ability and safety and rescue experience, team members may be moved from one team to another to make a ‘weak’ team safer, at the discretion of the race director;

5)  Adult team start: The race will start in a ‘Le Mans’ style (stand and run to boat), with team setting off starting approximately every 60 seconds, help will be provided getting spraydecks on if required!;

6)  Adult team finish: Team times will be recorded to last member arriving at the finish point (or staging posts). The Finish point will be a line between two buoys in Exebridge playwave eddy. If water levels are high a timed-staging point will be a post 10m upstream of the Salmon Steps;

7)  Safety: Additional bank-side safety will be provided for Beasley Weir (Salmon Steps) only if the water level is ‘medium-high’, to help racers out at the get out. No bank-side safety will be provided at Dulverton (Town) Weir or other hazards, teams will provide their own self-safety at these;

8)  Beasley Weir (Salmon Steps): The steps will only be run as part of the race if the water level is considered ‘safe’, in high levels the race will run in two stages, the race clock will be stopped above the weir (10m upstream of get out) and started again (below the last step of the weir). A safety decision will be made on the morning of race by the race director and ECC senior coaches, if the Steps are deemed dangerous, they will be timed-out of the race. Racers can run the Steps at their own risk (for fun) but must stop at the bottom to have their times restarted; racers must wait to be started off formally or they will be racing without a time!


To download a copy of the Entrance /Declaration Form and Map for Blaze the Barle please click on the links below:

We look forward to seeing you! If you require any further details please don’t hesitate to contact us.